Does Legal Need to Be This Complex?!

We hear from so many business owners that it seems like the job of a business lawyer is to make the simple way too complex for anybody to truly understand. You’re dealing with a blizzard of legal documents written in obtuse language that sounds more like Klingon than plain ol’ English. On top of that, you have to deal with legal opinions that constantly differ with each other, all the while racking up huge bills that eat away at any profits you may have had in your business. We understand your pain! That’s why Small Biz Zoom partnered up with Rocket Legal – to make this whole process easy, simple, and much more affordable.

So, Why Rocket Lawyer?

Have you ever imagined going to one place to get simple legal documents done and access a lawyer in both the specialty you need and the region where you do business? Rocket Lawyer is just that place! With thousands of specialized legal documents focused on business ownership, you have a perfect do-it-yourself location for low cost legal solutions. You also get access to a vast network of business-focused legal advice that costs much less than what you might get if you hunted around to find it on your own. Your membership in Small Biz Zoom entitles you to significant discounts when you use Rocket Lawyer.

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